Once Again Dreaming

Little eyes shine from within the fort of pillows and blankets. Giggles and laughter echo to the outside world as imagination soars. They are superheroes, then explorers, and then kings and queens of mighty kingdoms. Children are dreaming big about tomorrow. Children are being children today.

In the past, these children were not laughing and dreaming. They were surviving while trapped within the dark and heinous world of human trafficking. Their companions were abuse, trauma, betrayal, and abandonment. Their childhood and humanity were being stolen with each passing minute by greed.

Now, these children have a home.

Jay & Lauren Rings BW

They can play, learn, struggle, laugh, cry, heal, and grow within safety and security. They are surrounded by friends and family who love them. Basic needs are met. They are able to attend school each day. They are provided health care and professional care. They can pursue their hobbies, and discover new ones. They can visit new places and embark on exciting adventures. They live in a different world now.

In this new world, children are loved and cherished. They are not disposable and replaceable objects. To the contrary, each child is unique and invaluable. They are not discarded and left to pick up the pieces of their lives on their own. Compassionate people walk alongside them as they travel on their journeys of healing. Each child deserves to know that God loves him or her. Each one has gifts and talents to be discovered and nourished. In this world, each child has an opportunity to thrive.